Trauma as Conditioning of Personality

The Two Eyes Model has 3 internal spheres. One of them, which contains the other two, is the sphere of mind. The value assigned to mind is "sufficiency".

How to attain sufficiency? According to the interconnectedness between the subjective personality and the objectively perceived world, as described in my publication Systemische Nachhaltigkeit, the development stage of personality is crucial for the experience of inner sufficiency expressed and visible as outer sustainability. What is needed is an individual and collective transformation from the competitive Ego-System stage E3 to the cooperative Eco-System stage E8, using J.Loevinger's Ego-Development model:

How to transform personality? As we can see by the mind-behaviour-gap, information on the level of intellect and reason does not cause change in the deeper levels of personality and behaviour, it is merely superficial. Transformation is the breaking up of the conditioning of personality, a liberation process from traumatic limitations of our Being by reacting to past experiences. We can sense that the development stage of personality reflects the traumatisation experienced and accumulated as limiting and distancing conditioning. Healing of traumatisation is the liberation of the unconditioned Being from the cover of the limited and conditioned personality.